Robin Hood – NEW for 2019!!

In our latest script we join the swashbuckling Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men as they protect the people of Nottingham from the evil antics of The Sheriff and his evil counterpart Prince John’s mother – Mumsie. While King Richard the ruler of the land is away his simple brother Prince John holds the throne but the evil Sheriff and Mumsie hold the power. They also have Robin’s girlfriend Maid Marian as she is a ward of the Prince. So our hero is set for a big battle has he strives to protect the people and get his girl. Action, adventure, music, song, love and bags of laughter are the order of the day in this brand new and exciting Panto adventure. Tally ho, here comes Robin Hood!

Thomas O’ Leary (Script Writer)

Irish Pantomme Script Author, Writer

Thomas has been involved in theatre in Wexford since a very young age; growing up in a stage school family he had little choice. He has acted in and directed many dramas and musical productions but it is in the area of comedy and particularly Pantomime that he has come to the fore.

Eoin Colfer (Testimonial)


"I am a big panto fan and have been to pantomimes, amateur and professional, all over the world and Tom O' Leary's scripts are by far the sharpest, funniest and most original that I have seen performed. "
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