Aladdin 2023 Character List

Aladdin - Character List

1. Aladdin – Our funny, leading man and hero. A nice guy and friend to all, confident and high energy, living life with a smile while chasing every dream.


2. The Widow Twankey – His loud and proud, outspoken Wexford Mammy. She is big, brash and flamboyant. This dame is a Wexford townie who is fond of money, men and mayhem.


3. Wishy 4. Washy – Aladdin’s younger sisters, a comedy double act of two slightly bonkers, young school girls. Very childish and silly. Huge energy and fun. Should be a favourite with the kids.


5. Bish Bosh – Aladdin’s best friend. A local Dublin lad who likes to wheel and deal. A chancer of the highest order, full of energy and quick to react to any chance to make a few bob. High energy comedy part that should have the whole audience in the palm of his hand. “Bit of this, bit of that, bit of Bish, bit of Bosh”


6. Abanazar – The Baddie – An intelligent and shroud evil Sorcerer and Royal Advisor to the Sultan. A power mad, egomaniac who will stop at nothing to be successful. Well-spoken and slimy this guy should soak up the boos.


7. Abdul – His dull assistant. A sniffling, creepy little man, who is badly treated by his employer Abanazar. A funny character part.


8. Princess Jasmine – A strong willed young lady. The princess is a modern girl in an old world. She is strong in her objections and stands up for herself. She also has a soft side which is clear as she falls hopelessly in love with Aladdin.


9. So Shy – A loud and brash Dublin hand maiden to the Princess. A gum chewing, tough talking girl who knows what she wants, and how to get it. A strong comedy character who falls in love with Bish Bosh.


10. Sultan Michael D. Higgin- Bottom – A regal leader who has a strong resemblance to our President. Regularly breaking into Irish and poetry.


11. Boris 12. Bruno – Two east end English hard men who are employed as soldiers of the Sultan, but who have an evil streak. Intimidating, tough men, not to be messed with.


13. Omar -The Genie of the Lamp – Fast talking funny Genie! American accent, big character, jumps into many accents, songs and characters. But a genuine good guy and friend to all. Also doubles as narrator so must have good rapport with the audience.


14. Nahla – The Slave of the Ring – Funny female magical lady who lives in a ring. American, Legally Blonde type character. Funny and quick witted. A close relationship with Omar. Also interacts with the audience in a narrator role.

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