Aladdin 2023 Full Synopsis

Aladdin - Synopsis

Our story follows the traditional Pantomime of Aladdin and not the Disney version but baring a few name changes and an extra character or two it’s the same old story of boy meets girl, boy falls in love and uses magic to win girl over. Just your average tale of love before Tinder.

Our hero Aladdin (or you can call him Al) and his best mate Bish Bosh are up to their usual daily business of avoiding his sister’s Wishy and Washy and escaping work in his Mother’s, (The Widow Twankey’s) laundrette so he can peruse his favourite pastime of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor (sounds familiar), when he meets a girl and immediately falls in love (As you do). Little does he know that this girl is in fact Princess Jasmine and with her best bud So Shy she has done a legger from the palace where her auld fella the Sultan (who is not unlike a President you may know) wants her to marry a Prince and take over the family business of ruling the kingdom.

So Aladdin is out of luck because he ain’t a Prince but wait, the Sultan’s advisor Abanazar and his sidekick Abdul are on the hunt for a lamp (that can’t be got in TK Max) Abanazar tricks Aladdin into entering the Cave of Wonders to get the lamp (if he can remember his password) For as Al finds out, in the lamp lives an all-powerful Genie named Omar who can grant the holder of the lamp three wishes.

When Al figures this out with a little help from Nahla the Slave of the ring (didn’t make the Disney cut) All his wildest wishes and dreams can come true and the magic begins immediately because – Al ain’t never had a friend like Omar!

In Act 2 (as if we haven’t had enough excitement) Al arrives at the Palace but now he’s a Prince, (Magic!) And now he can marry the Princess and we can all live happily ever after. The End.

No wait! Abanazar ain’t having that and he sends his heavies Boris and Bruno (we don’t talk about him though) off to the Widow Twankey’s laundrette to extract the lamp from Aladdin by whatever means they can.

Spoiler alert! Abanazar gets his evil hands on the lamp and has the Genie send all our friends off to the dark wilderness of Antarctica. He then heads off to marry the Princess himself and live happily ever after. The End!

Or is it because Bish Bosh has a ring remember with a bird in it. (Are you confused yet?) If Nahla can pop out of the ring and manage a bit of magic herself all may not be lost!!!!!!!

This Panto adventure has everything fun, songs, laughter and of course lots of magic! With all your classic characters and a few more along the way it will delight audiences young and old.

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