Aladdin – Character List

Aladdin - Character List​

  1. Aladdin (Male) – Our hero, a young man. Brave, energetic, handsome, regular hero qualities, nice guy. Should have good comedy timing and be able to sing.
  1. The Widow Twanky (Dame – male or female) – His Mother she runs the town Launderette, constantly complains of being overworked but really does very little, Gives out a lot, strong, brash character, loud and in your face, good comedy timing essential, should be able to hold a tune.
  1. + 4. Wishy and Washy (Female) – Aladdin’s two sisters, complete with school uniforms and pig-tails, comedy duo must bounce off each other, usually to give out to Al or moan about all the work they have to do. Loud and funny with a good comical laugh.  Should be able to sing.
  1. Abanazar (Male) – The sultan’s advisor, the baddie of the piece. Tall, dark and creepy, very evil and slimy. Strong character, disguises himself so comedy characteristics needed also. Must be able to sing.
  1. Abdul (Male) – Abanazar’s sidekick, small and foolish. Funny accent and good comedy timing needed. Singing optional
  1. The Sultan (Male) – Small and round, busy little man, English accent would suit, posh and important. Easily confused. Should be able to hold a tune.
  1. The Princess Jasmine (Female) – A beautiful, innocent young lady, Al’s love interest, must have enough strength to stand up for her self at times. Must be able to sing.
  1. The Genie of the Lamp (Male) – Should be a Woody Allen/ Roger Dangerfield type character, a sarcastic comedian that has a comment or a gag for all occasions, a real showman. Can go from big and brash, to sharp and sarcastic quickly.  Comedy timing essential. Must be able to sing.
  1. Mervin – The Abominable Snowman (Male) – Big friendly Snowman/monster, so happy to see people he fusses a lot. He is really big and load and over excited, he wants to work in show business and bursts into song at any chance.  Second half only. Should be able to sing.
  1. The Snow Fairy Dolores (Female) – Retired depressed, very dramatic, possibly drunk fairy. Was once powerful but not bothered anymore. Ends up saving the day.  Good comedy character. Must be able to sing. Second half only.
  1. Crazy Old Jim (Male) – A very old, very confused man who has been trapped in a cave for many years, good comedy cameo one scene act one.
  1.  The Voice of the Cave of Wonders(Male) – Magical, strong voice of cave, also has some comedy pieces, nice off stage part, in a couple of scenes.

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