cinderellaFinally here it is, the ultimate version of the greatest Panto ever – Cinderella. This is a beautiful traditional retelling of the most popular love story of all time. In our version Cinderella or Ella as she is known to her friends finds herself in the usual predicament of being stuck with an Evil Stepmother and two Ugly Sisters but luckily she has great friends too in the form of Buttons and the house cat Pippa to help her reach her happy ever after. Prince Will charming is having a ball and Ella needs to get there. Luckily her Fairy Godmother is on hand and she is ably assisted by a trainee Fairy named Glitter Knicks who doesn’t always get it right. Chaos and adventure beyond belief ensues as our heroine quests to get her man. This is a fast paced, high energy, laugh a minute script with brilliant new characters and a few surprise twists. Cinderella is Panto gold!




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