Jack and the Beanstalk – Character List

  1. Jack – A young and enthusiastic comedian, fun and foolish but very likeable. A brave hero who unfortunately is not all that bright. (Singing)
  2. Dame Daisy – An aging beauty, a once beautiful woman, fond of her appearance and not lacking in self-confidence. Garish and brash, not afraid to speak her mind and let people know exactly what she thinks of them. (Singing)
  3. Little Miss Muffet (Maisy Muffet) – She has acrophobia and is terrified of spiders and most things as a result she is very jumpy and a bit crazy. Excellent comedy presence and timing required. (Secondary Singing)
  4. Little Boy Blue (Bobby Blue). He is Blue by name and blue by nature as he is a very depressing and negative character who sees the worst in everything, constantly down in the dumps and looking at the worst in all things. Excellent comedy presence and timing required. (Secondary Singing)
  5. Dougie (The talking Cow) – Dougie is Jacks best friend and they get along like two best buddies would. He is funny and silly like Jack. Needs to be a character could have a strong Wexford accent or be American like Donkey in Shrek. (Secondary Singing)
  6. Baron Backstop – A nice old gent in a difficult position trying to keep order in this mad world. He is friendly and blustery, tries to be strict but ends up confused. (Secondary Singing)
  7. Jill – She is the Baron’s daughter and Jack’s girlfriend. A nice, friendly young lady and probably the only sane character in the show. (Singing)
  8. Mother Nature – A beautiful and mysterious lady. A straight character who represents all that is good in this world. (Singer)
  9. Poison Ivy – Her malevolent sister, she has fallen to the dark side and is pure evil, dark, threatening and scary, she works to spread evil and wreak havoc. (Singer)
  10. Mr Big (The Giant) – A big scary and gormless giant who is being manipulated by Poison Ivy and turns out not to be as scary and evil as everyone thought he was. Misunderstood. (Non-Singing)
  11. Jekyll & Hyde – A baddie double act, Jekyll is a sophisticated English gentleman who speaks very well, clearly the leader of the pair as Hyde only speaks in growls and splutters (Like Taz from Down in Tazmania) They are twin brothers and should be dressed and look the same but one speaks clearly and the other only splutters. Jekyll will often translate Hyde’s splutters and growls. (Secondary Singing)
  12. Hattie (The Hen) – Hattie is the famous Hen that lays the golden eggs. She is a funny, strong willed lady who knows her mind and is not afraid to speak it. A character needs to be created, possibly a strong Wexford accent. A prisoner of the giant who takes a liking to Dougie on his arrival in the Giant’s castle. (Secondary Singing)
  13. Sir Desmond Dashing – Sir Desmond Dashing is a professional Giant Slayer (Or at least he says he is) He is brash and vain, confidence beyond belief but turns out to be a bit of a fake when confronted by a Giant. (Secondary Singing)
  14. Dunston – The Giants butler, a fussy, well spoken, posh English butler who works for the giant. A nice guy who tries to keep everyone happy. (Secondary Singing)
  15. The Finions – An army of eight short green characters who wear dungarees and googles and have orange hair. They speak their own language and live at the top of the beanstalk.

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