Mother Goose – Character List

Robin Hood - Synopsis

1. Mother Goose (Male-singing) – A likeable dame. She runs an Internet Nursery Rhyme Bookshop. She is a strong character who always wants what she can’t have. She is strong but very likeable.

2. Jack (Male-singing) – Her son, a likeable young man with good leadership qualities. Spends a lot of time either calming his Mother down or getting her out of fixes. Is in love with Jill.

3. Jill (Female-singing) – Jack’s girlfriend, together they are Jack and Jill of the rhyme. A likeable young lady. Very friendly.

4. Mary (Female) – As in Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, a comedy character. Very angry and easily raised, sharp tongued and snappy.

5. Simple Simon (Male) – A comedy character, Simple by name and nature. A funny young man who has an eye for Mary despite her contrary ways. All four of the above characters work for Mother Goose in her failing Internet Nursery Rhyme Book Shop.

6. Mayor Hickory (Male-singing) – The Mayor of Nursery Land, a funny older man who is in love with Mother Goose, A wealthy land owner from Devon / Mid-lands England, maybe? “By Gum Mother Goose, but your looking fine today” etc. Think Fred Elliott who used to be on Coronation St.

7. Marjory (Female-singing)) – The Good Fairy of the Recession – A fairy sent to help people who are suffering from recession problems and who protects the people of Nursery Land from evil. A very nice over the top fairy, very English, complete with pilots hat and goggles, “Jolly hockey sticks boys and what not” etc.

8. Demon Dark-Heart (Male) – The villain of the piece a very nasty piece of work, very serious and very dry, like Professor Snape from the Harry Potter films. Speaks very slow and clear.

9. Maligna (Female) – A Witch, an old hag who works with the demon, his sidekick, a withered old crone with a cackling voice and laugh, very excitable and funny.

10. Mac (Male) – The boss of the hired goons that work for the Demon as part of a treble act with Benny & Bruno. They are old style American gangsters. Like the ones that are in some Bugs Bunny cartoons. Mac is the leader he is small and talks very little. Can be played by an actor on his knees to add to the comedy.

11. Benny (Male) – Big stupid Goon that follows orders but usually gets them wrong. “Ok Boss” etc.

12. Bruno (Male) – Another stupid Goon, these two should look and act as much like each other as possible.

13. Young Mother Goose (Female) – After her visit to the Fountain of Youth Mother Goose becomes young and beautiful but maintains her old character and voice. So this character is an attractive young lady who can mime well, as Mother Goose speaks from the wing.

14. Prissy the Goose (Goose) – A goose puppet that doesn’t talk. Good puppeteer needed. (Puppet available to rent from Wexford Pantomime Society)

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