Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Peter Pan Our Story…….. Our magical story begins in the Nursery of the Darling Children, in London, England on a night like any other. Wendy, the eldest daughter of George and Mary Darling, loves fairy stories and especially the magical tale of Peter Pan the boy who refuses to grow up. That night as she dreams, her sleep is disturbed by Peter Pan and Tinker Bell who arrive in her Nursery.

Peter takes Wendy to Neverland to play and her brothers Michael and John and their Nanny “Nana” (a large talking dog) follow Tinker Bell back to Neverland too, and so our magical adventure begins. In Neverland Wendy and the boys meet wonderful characters like Tiger Lily the “beautiful” Indian Squaw and her Indians “The Whatsittoya Tribe”, The Lost Boys and the Mermaids Sea Orchid and Ocean Blossom as all their dreams come true before their very eyes. But it’s not all happiness and dreams in Neverland as the evil pirate Captain James Hook and his crew of motley pirates are out to get Peter Pan and his gang. Hook will stop at nothing to get Pan and he comes up with many evil plans as the show develops.

If he could just find out where Peter’s layer “The Home under the Ground” is he could have his revenge on Peter who once cut of his hand in a sword fight and a big crocodile swallowed it and now follows Hook everywhere looking for the rest of him. But nobody would ever tell Hook where the secret hideout is would they? Unless a fairy (Tinker Bell) who was Peter’s bestest friend was jealous of a new girl like Wendy who Peter was giving a lot of attention to. If that jealous fairy did that then Hook could have his revenge. But I’m sure Peter wouldn’t go down without a fight!

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