Puss in Boots Character List

Puss in Boots Character List

Character List Puss in Boots

  1. Colin – (Male, singing) Our hero, a much more funny hero than we are used to, more of an accidental hero really. He is a bit silly and accident prone at times and Puss gets him out of trouble.


  1. Puss – The Cat – (Male/Female, singing) – Not Spanish, a fun character, enthusiastic, funny, clever, quick witted, accent open but should be fun and very likeable.


  1. Poppy – (Female, singing) The Princess and heir to the throne, the love interest. She is beautiful, likeable, friendly, realistic and understanding. She is also brave.


  1. Pansy – (Female, singing) One of her sisters part of a double act with Petunia the third sister. Poppy and Petunia are a comedy double act they are loud and in your face, very funny and man mad.


  1. Petunia – (Female, singing) As above.


  1. Queen Marigold – (The Dame) (Male / female, singing) A totally over the top character, loud, funny, stupid, intrusive, but she is royalty so very posh! and lots of fun.


  1. Barnaby – (Male) The royal advisor to the queen, he is a snake, a lick up to the queen, sniffling, self-obsessed, he has the queen fooled but Princess Poppy can see right through him, his aim is to marry Poppy and get the throne and he will stoop to anything to get his way. A baddie among the goodies. He is funny though and should make people laugh.


  1. Taxamus the Giant – (Male) A very evil and scary Giant, possibly a bit stupid though. He is a huge puppet voiced from inside, so it is about the voice not the look for this part.


  1. Taggart – (Male) Part of a double act with Tennent, they are a nasty pair of Scottish heavy men who work for the Ogre. They are genuine baddies, very serious, dark and nasty characters, they don’t joke or mess and are very threatening.


  1. Tennent – (Male) As above.


  1. The Narrator – (Male) The Narrator is a voice over who should have a clear strong voice. Off stage voice not seen.


  1. Colm – (Male cameo part) Colin’s brother.


  1. Connor – (Male cameo part) Colin’s other brother.


  1. The Judge – (Male cameo part) A serious old English judge.


  1. Hansel – (Male cameo part) Traditional German boy from the fairy story.


  1. Gretel – (Female cameo part) Traditional German girl from the fairy story, both are funnier if played by adults and are totally over the top cameo parts.


  1. Little Red Riding Hood – (Female cameo part) The one from the fairy story, with some attitude.

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