Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Our story opens with a big party to celebrate the birth of King Stefan and Queen Clara’s newborn daughter Princess Aurora. Everyone is invited including King Hubert and his son Prince Philip, who it is agreed will wed Aurora when she comes of age.

All the Fairies in the land are invited too, and bring magical gifts to the newborn Princess, all but one – The Evil Fairy Maleficent, who crashes the party. In her rage she puts a curse on the child that when she reaches her eighteenth birthday she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die! All is not lost though, as the good fairies undo some of the evil and decree that she will not die but will just fall into a deep sleep and can be woken by loves first kiss.

It is agreed that for Aurora’s safety she will never be told of the terrible curse and she will go into hiding deep in the Great Forest with her three Fairy Godmothers who will pretend to be her aunts, and not use their magic so Maleficent can’t find them. While in the forest, Aurora will be known as Briar Rose.

The hidden Princess grows into a beautiful young woman and one day she meets a young man in the forest. It is Prince Philip, who is out hunting with his father King Hubert and the royal nanny, Nanny Nintendo. When he meets Briar Rose they fall in love but it is short lived as Nanny Nintendo and King Hubert quickly remind him he is royalty and cannot marry a peasant. However, before Briar Rose runs away he arranges to meet her again that night.

The Fairy Godmothers must now explain to Briar Rose that she is in fact a princess and cannot be seen to be talking to peasants in the forest. She is heart broken as she has fallen in love with Philip, who she thinks is a peasant. All of this has been observed by two of Maleficent’s spies, Vivian and Victor, who summon their mistress to tell her they have finally found the Princess. Maleficent is overjoyed and makes plans to full fill her curse.

Later on a very sad Aurora is alone and preparing to return to her kingdom when there is a knock at the door and Vivian and Victor burst in disguised as door-to-door ball-gown salesmen. They talk Aurora into trying on one of their gowns and she loves it but it needs to be altered. They unveil a spinning wheel, which Aurora pricks her finger on and falls into a deep sleep. Maleficent appears and is overjoyed to have had her revenge. The Fairy Godmothers return but without their magic are helpless. Maleficent leaves them tied up and takes the Sleeping Beauty with her to her evil layer that no one will ever find.

The second act opens with our hero Prince Philip arriving at the cottage to meet his love, but instead he finds the Fairies tied up. He releases them as Nanny Nintendo and King Hubert arrive on the scene. After much confusion it becomes clear that Briar Rose is in fact Princess Aurora and the boy she has fallen in love with is indeed Prince Philip. With all this cleared up Prince Philip decides he is going to rescue his love. Everyone agrees to go with him and our six friends set out on a very big adventure. Luckily, the Fairies have hidden three magical objects that will help them on their quest. The first object to be located is a magic mirror that will show them the way to Princess Aurora.  The remaining objects are hidden in The Haunted Woods, so that is the next stop for our heroes.

In The Haunted Woods trouble finds them in the form of Vivian and Victor who are leading a goblin army given to them by Maleficent. All looks lost until a Wolf bounds onto the scene and scares the goblins away. It turns out that he is the Big Bad Wolf from fairy book fame and he’s actually not all that bad at all – in fact he’s a bit of a softie! He helps Philip to claim the last two objects, The Sword of Wonder and The Shield of Virtue. With these in hand, Philip is ready to lead them into the Evil Fairy’s Layer for a final show down.

Will Prince Philip find his Princess and wake her with a kiss? Will Maleficent prevail or will the goodies win the day? We won’t spoil the ending for you, just sit back and enjoy the adventure.

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