Sleeping Beauty Panto Characters

Sleeping Beauty - Characters

  1. Princess Aurora (Female) – Also known as Briar Rose when in hiding. An eighteen-year-old (or there abouts) Princess, beauty by name so hopefully she will be beautiful, friendly and likeable also. Should be well able to interact with comedy characters and also carry off a romantic scene or two. (Singer)


  1. Prince Philip (Male) – Our hero, handsome and strong, he is likeable and very brave, should be well able to interact with comedy characters and also carry off a romantic scene or two. (Singer)


  1. Nanny Nintendo (Male / Female) – She is Prince Philips nanny, she is the dame, a big, brash, loud, funny, character. (Singer)


  1. King Hubert (Male) – Prince Philip’s father, an old major type character, very toffee and blustery elderly gentleman. “What, What” and all that. (Singer)


  1. Maleficent – The Evil Fairy (Female)  – She is a nasty piece of work, very evil and intimidating, strong and in command she must be very serious some times but be able to deal with comedy situations also, she has quite the temper. (Singer)


  1. Merryweather – The Good Fairy of the East (Female)  – She is the Dublin fairy, a real dub, big, brash, comedy character, must has good reapour with her two Fairy companions. (Singer)


  1. Fauna – The Good Fairy of the Midlands (Female)  – She is from Offaly a very proud “Biffo” very rough country midlands accent, she is also loud and crude another good comedy part with her Fairy companions.  (Singer)


  1. Flora – The Good Fairy of the South (Female)  – A Corkconian and like any she is loud and proud of the city from which she hails. These three Fairies are very different characters but are all big in your face funny characters and must work well as a comedy team. (Singer)


  1. Vivian – The Evil Fairy’s henchman (Male) – He works as part of a baddie comedy double act with his brother he is the leader as he is slightly more intelligent than his brother. They speak with broken English or a foreign accent, they are spies. Very childish and stupid.


  1. Victor – The Evil Fairy’s other henchman  (Male) – As his brother an overgrown child. These two must work well together as the baddies comedy relief. Broken English, foreign accent needed.


  1. Bradley – The Big Bad Wolf (Male) – Yes the famous big bad wolf from fairy book fame, shows up and it turns out he is not so bad.  In fact he is completely misunderstood and is in fact a big softie, who turns out to be a great friend to our heroes.  A comedy accent here something soft and funny, he is a complete coward.
  1. King Stefan (Male) – Aurora’s father only in first and last scenes. He is modelled completely on Basil Fawlty, Funny over the top English, arguing with his wife and getting into a fuss.


  1. Queen Clara (Female) – Aurora’s mother only in first and last scenes. She is modelled on Sybil Fawlty maybe a bit nicer, funny female part to bounce off her bundling husband is lovely to everyone accept the King.

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