Snow White – Character List

Snow White and the Babes in the Wood – Character List

  1. Jacob Grimm (Narrator) / Singer – The Brothers Grimm were the original creators of all the fairy stories we will be exploring in this show. They are our Narrators and guide us through their world of magical fairy stories. They are friendly and outgoing and work as a comedy double act that Jacob is the leader of. He is slightly more serious and intelligent than his brother.
  2. Wilhelm Grimm (Narrator) /Singer – Wilhelm is the funnier and a little sillier of the brothers. They both drift in and out of the story challenging the audience to use their imaginations and believe.
  3. Snow White / Singer – Traditional Snow White, the loveable girl with the big heart, she has been trapped in her tower since her father passed away and so when she gets out is very enthusiastic and happy.
  4. The Wicked Queen / Singer – The Wicked Queen is an evil and nasty character. She is vein and will stop at nothing to be the fairest of them all. She should be strong, dark and a bit scary, but also must be able to deliver a snipe or funny line when needed.
  5. Cedrick (The Queen’s Assistant) – Cedrick is a very funny, very sarcastic, quick tongued sidekick to the Queen. He is a bit of a Queen himself, very camp with an attitude and a love of all things bling.
  6. Horace (The Huntsman) / Singer – Horace is our lead man, the unusual hero of this crazy piece. He is your usual out of work put upon son and brother. He is funny and heroic when needed.
  7. The Widow Gillhollie – Horace’s Mum – Our Dame / Singer – The Widow is the Mrs Browne of the Woods! She is your usually over the top, violent, bossy matriarch. Full of anger, comedy, rage, comedy, hatred, comedy. You get the picture.
  8. Heidi – Horace’s sister – A great fun comedy part for the ladies. Heidi is an adult playing a six year old. Heidi is the little girl with the lisp and the pig tails who hangs from her Mother’s apron strings and fights with her big brother. Comedy, energy and great characterisation needed for this part.
  9. Little Red Riding Hood (Young Girl aged 10 – 15) / Singer – Red Riding Hood is a teenager of today with an attitude and iphone. She is uninterested in anything that’s not online and well able to speak up for herself.
  10. The Wicked Witch / Singer – (Could be male or female) More funny than scary, this is a good character part, a cragged old hag who is half mad and not very good at being bad.
  11. The Big Bad Wolf / Singer – Again more of a comedy part, a very well-spoken theatrical performer, but can be a bit scary and threatening when needed.
  12. Hansel (Young boy aged 10-15) / Singer – Likeable young man with a happy disposition and a fear of little.
  13. Gretel (Young girl aged 10-15) / Singer – His sensible sister, she is the wisest of the pair and leads her brother away from trouble. A likeable, intelligent young girl.
  14. Rapunzel / Singer – A traditional damsel in distress having been locked away in her tower for many years by the crazy witch. She is still friendly, optimistic and very likeable.
  15. The Prince / Singer – He’s a prince! He’s hot, rich and hunky and he knows it! From his first entrance he is confident and an over the top stereotypical hero. But as the show develops he realises that there is more to life than money and power.
  16. Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny / Singer – A 97 year old woman, who opens the second act with a rip-roaring musical number. She doesn’t really know what’s going on, but enjoys herself all the same.
  17. The Magic Mirror – Strong, serious, off stage cameo male voice.
  18. Little Red Riding Hood’s Mother (Cameo) – One scene only, she ditches Red Riding Hood in the Woods early in act one to elope with a love interest she met on the internet.
  19. 21. The Three Little Pigs (Kids Cameo aged 10-15) – Three good comedy character parts for kids in only one scene. (Can also be in the Chorus)
  20. – 28. The Seven Dwarfs – Seven Boys of the appropriate height, Cameo parts who arrive in near the end. (Can also be in the Chorus)

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