Treasure Island – Synopsis​

Treasure Island - Synopsis​

Act 1:

Scene 1:          Trills on the Docks (The Docks)

Opening number. Jolly and Roger two pirates introduce themselves and go about selling their wears. Jim Hawkins arrives at the docks with his treasure map he is planning on chartering a ship and sailing to find buried treasure. On the docks he meets Jolly and Roger and makes the mistake of telling them about the treasure map it turns out the man they work for Long John Silver has been searching for this map for years, they run off to tell him immediately. Jim’s two Aunts Julie and Jilie enter they think they are going on a cruise not hunting for buried treasure. Jim and his aunts head off to find Squire Trelawny to see about the ship.


Scene 2:          The Strangled Parrot (A Tavern)

Meanwhile in a dirty old tavern called “The Strangled Parrot” there is a meeting of “Failed Pirates Anonymous” the F.P.A. going on. Long John, Captain Hook and Jack Sparrow are deep in discussion when Jolly and Roger burst in and tell Long John about the map. Long John forms a plan that he and his nasty crew will disguise themselves as sailors and get on the crew for the voyage and when Jim leads them to the treasure then they will mutiny and claim the bounty. He also introduces a nasty pirate named Black Betty.  The scene ends with a musical number – “Pirate King” (Pirates of Penzance)


Scene 3:          The Crew is assembled (The Docks)

Jim and his aunts enter with the Squire closely followed by his daughter Caroline. Then Captain Smullet arrives with his first mate Samual Arrow straight away it is clear the captain is an idiot and the first mate Sam is clearly the brains of the operation. They set about hiring a crew Long John and his gang arrive disguised as sailors and with a musical number – “In the Navy”(The Village People) convince all that they are the crew for the voyage. Plans are made and the ship is boarded, musical number – “Anchors Away” (From the musical Anchors Aweigh)


Scene 4:          The Voyage Begins (The Ship)

The scene opens with Jolly and Roger scrubbing the decks etc. Jilie and Julie enter to give them some stick they leave and the pirates sing musical number“What will we do with a drunken sailor” (A great song for audience interaction). The Squire and the Captain and Sam come in next they are looking for Jim to lock his map away for safe keeping. Long John over hears this and goes in search of Jim. He finds him in the crow’s nest and wins his trust and tells him to give the map to no one. Next Caroline and Sam are talking and it is clear they are falling for each other they kiss and he sings – musical number – “Somewhere beyond the sea” (Frank Sinatra)


Scene 5:          Cabin Fever (The Ship)

We are still on board the ship it is days later when the wind stops and cabin fever sets in, musical number – “Cabin Fever” (Muppet Treasure Island) everyone goes a bit mad until the cry goes out that land has been sighted.

It is agreed that they shall anchor ship and send the pirates ashore. The Captain asks Jim for the map. The pirates come out in their full pirate gear and take over the ship. Long John says they are going ashore to get the treasure and taking a couple of hostages with them in the form of Jim and the Caroline. The others will have to stay on board and prepare the ship for the voyage home if they ever want to see the hostages again. There is the end of act musical number – “Proffessional Pirate” (Muppet Treasure Island), after which we see a lifeboat rowing ashore with the pirates and hostages, shortly after we see the others following them ashore in another boat.


Act 2:

Scene 1:          Skull Island (A desert Island)

Act two begins on the island there is a big musical number, Then the pirates sneek in it is dark and spooky and they are scared, they are following the map and move on. The others follow on, they don’t know what they are going to do as they have no guns then they see a light in the distance and decide to head towards that, as they do the gauze goes up and we see lots of lights and a big sign saying “Ben’s Place” musical number – “Club Tropicanna” (Wham)


Scene 2:          Ben’s Place (A tropical night club)

The Captain and others enter the disco scene and are introduced to Ben Gunn who had sailed with Captain Flint on that original voyage but when Flint turned on his crew and killed them all he escaped, then Flint sailed away to return another time for the treasure but never did, so Ben was marooned but made the best of a bad situation by getting the locals to work for him and setting up his night club. The others explain their story and Ben reveals he knows where the treasure is he takes Sam to see the cave leaving The Squire, Captain Smollett and Jilie and Julie alone the ladies make their move on the men musical number – “Feels Like I’m in Love” (Kelly Marie). Sam and Ben return and make a plan to set a trap at the cave for the pirates.


Scene 3:          Davy Jones’ Dungeon (A cave)

The pirates arrive at the cave in which the treasure is, by now they are really scared, they move on into the cave. The others arrive and decide to play on the fact that they are scared and they decide to dress as ghosts and scare them into a trap. Long John finds the treasure and they are all overjoyed. Then they here ghostly noises and The Squire appears disguised as the ghost of Captain Flint. Chaos ensues and we break into a chase scene – “Run Away” (Spamalot) which turns into a big fight scene – “Pirates of the Carabian” which ends with Sam rescuing Caroline and Jim.

Scene 4:          Homeward Bound (Back on the ship)

Back on the ship and the pirates are tied up. We see that Sam and Caroline have fallen in love and the two aunties have claimed The Captain and Squire so they can have a happy ending too. They set sail for home with the treasure and Ben. And they all live happily ever after as is the norm in these situations, we finish with another musical number.

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