Robin Hood

Once upon a time in a land far far away called Arabia (not China) there lived a young man named Aladdin. He lived with his poor mother The Widow Twanky, so called because she has been widowed four times and is still desperately on the look out for a new man. The Widow Twanky runs the village laundrette with the help of Aladdin’s two young step sisters Wishy and Washy this charming pair spend most of their time avoiding work and tormenting their older step brother.

Now our hero Aladdin is in love, ahhhhhh, but he has a problem he is in love with and has been secretly seeing the Sultan’s daughter Jasmine, the Sultan is the ruler of all the land and law degrees that his daughter can only marry a prince, which Al certainly is not, so that’s Al and Jasmines biggest problem their love must remain a secret unless our hero can some how become a prince.

Meanwhile The Sultan’s royal advisor Abanazar is a very evil man and he wishes to rule the kingdom, while trying to come up with a way to dethrone The Sultan, Abanazar has discovered an old legend of a wonderful Genie who was trapped in a magic lamp many years ago by an evil sorceress, legend has it that whoever holds this magic lamp controls The Genie and he will grant three wishes to them. Evil Abanazar immediately sets out on a quest with his useless side kick Abdul to find this lamp and his quest leads him to a place known as The Cave of Wonders. When they try to enter the cave however they find out that only one who is pure of heart may enter.

There is but one in the land, who is pure of heart and guess who it is? You got it; it’s our friend Aladdin. So Abanazar comes up with a cunning plan and using the assistance of our excellent wardrobe mistress tricks Aladdin into going into the cave. But just in the nick of time Al sees through his cunning disguise and Abanazar in a temper leaves him trapped in the cave.

All seems doomed for our hero but with the help of a very strange character who lives in the cave he discovers just how powerful the magic lamp is and meets The Wonderful Genie of the Lamp. Al finally has a chance to have all his dreams come through and his first wish is to be a prince, then he wishes to be out of the cave and before we know it Prince Ali is parading into the palace to ask The Sultan for his beautiful daughters hand in marriage.

So it would seem we have a happy ending, but Aladdin makes one mistake when he leaves his lamp on guarded and Abanazar in another cunning disguise tricks The Widow Twanky into giving it to him. Now the baddie has the lamp and controls the genie within.

For his first wish the despicable Abanazar wishes for Aladdin, The Sultan, Wishy, Washy and The Widow to be banished to Antarctica, and then sets about his plans to marry Jasmine.

What will happen our heroes in the coldest heart of Antarctica? What kind of crazy characters will they meet? How will they ever get home? Will Abanazar marry Jasmine and rule the kingdom? Will the Genie ever get free from the lamp? Will The Widow ever find a man?


To find out just hop aboard our magic carpet, defy gravity and come with us on an adventure you’ll never forget.

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