Mother Goose – Synopsis

Mother Goose - Synopsis

Act One – Synopsis

Scene 1 – The Village Square

Mother Goose the Panto opens in the village square of Nursery Land, where all the locals are preparing to celebrate Mother Goose’s surprise birthday party. When the curtain opens everyone shouts “SUPRISE”. Then they realise that it’s not Mother Goose, but the audience is there.
Mother Goose’s son Jack steps forward and explains to the audience what’s going on. He introduces himself and his girlfriend Jill whose father is the Mayor of Nursery Land and owns nearly all the houses but is a very kind landlord. He introduces us to Simple Simon and Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, it is clear straight away that Simon is madly in love with Mary but she doesn’t return his sentiments.
A chorus member comes running up the aisle shouting “She’s coming” and the curtains are closed as everyone prepares to surprise Mother Goose.
Mother Goose comes up the aisle with Prissy her pet goose in her arms. She interacts a bit with the audience then the curtains suddenly open and everyone shouts “SUPRISE” again and the opening number begins.

1. Musical Number – Opening – “Anyway you Want it”

After the big opening number Marjory the good fairy of the Recession appears she introduces herself and tells us it’s her job to keep the recession away from Nursery Land, she tells us about the evil Demon who lives on a hill on the outskirts of town. She tells us he hates happiness it makes him weak and as long as people are happy he can’t leave his layer.
There is some more chit chat in which Mother Goose talks about her Internet Nursery Rhyme Book shop she tells us that kids are more interested in computer games these days and nursery rhymes and imagination are dying out, business is bad but luckily Mayor Hickory is very kind, particularly to Mother Goose! Mother Goose asks Jill where her father is and she tells us that he has gone to town on business but had hoped to be back in time for the party. As the party goes on the scene fades out and we find ourselves watching a screen stage right at the front of the stage where we can see the scene from the village square as everyone parties.

Scene 2 – The Demon’s Layer

In his layer the Demon fumes as he watches the frivolities going on in the village square, his powers are weak because everyone is so happy. He calls his assistant Maligna an old Witch in and they discuss the situation, they must come up with a plan to spread recession across the land.
Suddenly on the screen we see a man sneaking through a dark garden, it is Mayor Hickory he is taking a short cut through the Demon’s lands to try get back in time for Mother Goose’s party. The Demon hires some gangsters who he sends to capture the Mayor. Mayor hickory is brought before the Demon, who tells he will release him if he makes all the people of Nursery Land pay their debts. This will spread unhappiness. He tricks him into signing a contract that says if he doesn’t evict people who can’t pay their rents then he must give the Demon his daughter Jill as a prisoner.
The Demon gives Mayor Hickory the gangsters to help him carry out his evictions, they are lead by Mac. As the Mayor and his mob leave the demon celebrates, as evictions will bring great sadness and unhappiness to Nursery Land and his powers will grow and soon he will be strong enough to go down there and put an end to happiness once and for all.

Scene 3 – Mother Gooses Cottage

2. Musical Number – “Not there yet” – (The Princess and the Frog)

It is the next morning and Jack, Jill, Simon and Mary are all working. Prissy the goose is in her nest. Mother Goose comes in with a huge hangover. They talk about how the Mayor never showed up at the party and how bad business is.

Mayor hickory comes in and tells them that the rent is going up and they will be evicted if they can’t pay, they all beg for mercy, but the Mayor says he has no choice. Mother Goose says she can’t pay. So the mayor has no choice but to evict her. The gangsters come in and there is a slapstick musical number as they get evicted.

4. Musical Number – Slapstick

Scene 4 – The Demons Layer

This is set on an extension on stage right, where the big screen is. The Demon and Witch watch the sad scenes that are unfolding in Nursery Land and he becomes stronger. He is delighted as soon he will be strong enough to go to Nursery land and take control. Then he receives an unexpected visit from The TV Licence Inspector!

Scene 5 – The Village Square

5. Musical Number – Money, Money, Money (Abba)

As scene four opens all our friends are sitting homeless in the village square. They try to come up with a plan to make some money. They decide they have no choice but to sell poor Prissy. So Jack and Simon are sent to market with poor Prissy and warned not to come back with magic beans. There is great sadness as Mother Goose says her last goodbye to Prissy.

6. Musical Number – When somebody loves you

Scene 6 – The Road to Market

The Good Fairy Marjory comes in and interacts with the audience before Jack and Simon enters with Prissy he tells Marjory what has happened and where he is going. Marjory says if the audience help her she can try some magic to help him. The audience help with a magic spell and Marjory tells Jack to take Prissy home and something magical will happen when the town clock strikes six.

Scene 7 – The Village Square

The scene opens with a spot on Mother Goose as she sits alone centre stage she is busking.

7. Musical Number – Nobody’s Child

When the song finishes Mother Goose passes around the hat but everyone else is broke too. They discuss the seriousness of their situation.
Jack arrives back with Prissy and tries to explain what has happened, about the magic etc. but no one believes him. Now Mother Goose is really depressed and everyone is sad. All this sadness gives the Demon more power and with a flash he appears followed by Maligna.
He is now strong enough because everyone is unhappy and he is seizing power of Nursery Land. Suddenly the town clock strikes six, followed by an Angelus gag, and on the sixth bell, the lights focus on prissy and there is magical music and suddenly Prissy lays a golden egg. Jack shows everyone and they rejoice as with this gold they can all pay their rents and everyone can live happily ever after.
The Demon is furious but vows “You have not seen the last of me” and vanishes followed by the Witch.
There is a huge celebration to wrap up the first act.

8. Musical Number – Pack up your troubles.

As the lights go down on the stage the screen stage right lights up and the demon has the last words of the act are left to the Demon who once more vows revenge.

End of act One


Act Two Synopsis

Scene 1 – Mother Goose’s Cottage

Act two opens with a musical number:

9. Musical Number – Material Girl (Madonna)

Mother Goose is RICH she is dressed appropriately. Everyone is in high spirits. Mother Goose talks about how great it is to be rich and what a wonderful goose Prissy is. They sing Prissy her favourite song and get the whole audience involved.

10. Musical Number – The Birdie Song

Scene 2 – The Demon’s Layer

Set on extension on stage right again. The demon is again furious as he watches Mother Goose on the screen. He comes up with a plan with the Maligna to get the better of Mother Goose.
He knows now that she is rich but money can’t buy her youth and good looks and he knows that Mother Goose would give anything to be young and beautiful. He comes up with a plan, Maligna will go in disguise and trade a map to the Fountain of Youth, a magical fountain that can make you young and beautiful, with Mother Goose in exchange for the Goose.
He knows that her quest for beauty will ultimately lead to unhappiness and he can again prosper.

Scene 3 – Mother Goose’s Cottage

Mother Goose is alone at her desk surrounded by bags of begging letters. At this point she is in fact getting a bit fed up being rich. Maligna arrives disguised as an old woman. She talks about the importance of looks and love and agrees to help Mother Goose to become beautiful by trading her the map to the Fountain of Youth for the goose, she says she would love the goose for company as she is old and alone.
Mother goose makes the trade and the old woman leaves with the goose. Mother Goose leaves a note for the others and takes off in search of the Fountain of Youth.
Jack, Simon and Mary enter and they find the note, as they read it we hear Mother Gooses voice, they realise what has happened. Jill and Mayor Hickory enter, he has told Jill about the agreement he was forced to make with the Demon and they have come to make up with Mother Goose. They all agree to go after Mother Goose and stop her from making a silly mistake she doesn’t need to change, Mayor Hickory admits he loves her just the way she is. They set out on their adventure.

11. Musical Number – When the going gets tough.

Scene 4 – The Fountain of Youth

During the scene change we hear a voice saying “Mother Goose’s journey was long and dangerous” On the screen we see Mother Goose on trains, boats, planes etc.

As the scene opens Mother Goose arrives at the fountain of Youth. She talks to the audience for a while and builds up the courage to walk into the fountain, which she does as the lights flicker and magical music is played.
Jack and Jill enter they talk about the importance of looks and love and sing a love song together.

12. Musical Number – “I’m Yours”

After the song Simon and Mary enter, then Mother Goose comes out of the fountain. She is young and beautiful but has the same voice and characteristics. Mayor Hickory enters and tells her he loved her just the way she was, and everyone agrees. Mother Goose realises she has been foolish and what about poor Prissy, where is she now?
Marjory the Good Fairy appears and explains to them that this is all the Demon’s doing and that he has Prissy, but she will only lay golden eggs for good people so he is going to kill her, she also explains that the only way to get Mother Goose back to normal is to defeat the Demon.
They all set out for the Demon’s layer to rescue Prissy and defeat the Demon.

Scene 5 – The Demon’s Layer

Our heroes led by Mother Goose enter the Demon’s layer. The Demon appears and tells them now that they have entered his layer they may never leave. He tries to make Jack get Prissy to lay golden eggs. But Jack explains that she will only lay for good not evil.
Marjory arrives and the Demon tells her that her powers are useless here. Marjory tells the audience that if they are really happy and smiling and singing the Demon will become weak again and he can be defeated. Jack gets all the kids singing “The Birdie Song” again and the louder they sing the weaker the Demon gets, the spells are broken everyone is free and Mother Goose turns back into her old self.
Just when it looks like the Demon is defeated as he has no power he calls out his mob of gangsters and grabs the goose and runs for it. To end the scene Mayor Hickory again confesses his love to Mother Goose and they sing a song in front of quarter tabs.

13. Musical Number – “Timeless to me” – Hairspray

Scene 6 – The Village Square

Jack and Jill enter and they are happy and in love. Simon and Mary enter and she finally admits she loves him too (Maybe because he has just won the lotto!). Then Mother Goose and Mayor Hickory come on they tell everyone they are going on holidays, the Goons then enter with their luggage as they now work for the Mayor.
To wrap up the show Marjory the Good Fairy re-appears and tells the audiences all the good morals they should have picked up along the way:

1. Money does not bring happiness
2. Looks are only skin deep
3. Good will always prevail over evil

And so with our audience educated in good morals. And our heroes all paired off so ends the happy tale of Mother Goose – The Panto!

14. Musical Number – Finale – “Don’t Stop Believing”

End of act Two

The End

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