Peter Pan – Character List

Peter Pan - Character List

1. Peter Pan – Age – 15 -20 (Male)(Singer) – Peter Pan is the boy who refuses to grow up. He is brave and heroic but often childish and stubborn. He is innocent as he is childlike and does not understand responsibility and adult things. He is confident almost arrogant about how great an adventurer he is.

2. Wendy Darling – Age 15 – 20 (Female)(Singer) – Wendy is a well raised young English lady, she is very proper and polite and speaks with a well formed English accent. She is likeable but can be a tad childish and bossy. Wendy has a great imagination and tells the others many wonderful fairy stories.

3. John Darling – Age 11 – 15 (Male) – John is Wendy’s brother and is the middle child. He is a well-spoken young English man and should also have a well rounded English accent. John is very learned and is fascinated with pirates and knows all there is to know about them. He is a confident and brave young man, who likes a jolly good old adventure.

4. Michael Darling – Age 7 – 10 (Male) – Michael is the youngest of the Darling children. He is also a young English man in the making and should have an accent to suit. He is not as pompous or learned as John but does have a huge imagination and is also brave and up for a good adventure he loves Indians and dreams of being an Indian brave. The main thing Michael needs to be is cute!

5. George Darling – (Male) – Mr Darling is the children’s father he is a pompous, blustering English Business man. He is quite strict and temperamental; he has no time for fairy stories and wild imaginations. But behind it all he is really kind at heart. As he shows at the end of the show.

6. Mary Darling – (Female) – The children’s lovely mother. Mrs Darling is an intelligent romantic lady who loves her children very much and spends most of her time calming down her temperamental husband. She has a hidden imagination and it is hinted that she might have known Peter Pan when she was a child.

7. Nana – (Male)(Singer) – Nana is a Newfoundland dog who is employed as a nanny by the darling family. Only people who truly believe in magic and Neverland can hear him speak, so he speaks to the children but not to their parents. In this version Nana goes to Neverland with the children. When Nana speaks he speaks with a gruff east end of London accent. (A bit of a Phil Mitchell) but he does love the children very much and despite his gruff, tough accent he is indeed a very loveable beast. He is a very funny character and should have a good playing relationship with the children, Tiger Lily and the audience.

8. Tiger Lily – (Male/ Female) (Singer) – Tiger Lily is described as a beautiful princess of the “Whatsittoya” tribe. In this version she is a dame. Tiger Lily is in fact a strong, loud, in your face type Wexford character she thinks she is beautiful but most men are repulsed by her looks. Although she does develop a very good relationship with Nana. She is a very funny character introducing a bit of Wexfordian into this traditional tale. This actor / actress must have great comedy timing and be able to interact well with the audience.

9. Captain James Hook – (Male) (Singer) – Hook is a vengeful pirate who lives only to kill Peter Pan! Hook is a well-educated English gentleman and despite being a pirate is obsessed with “good form” he is still temperamental and a bit childish at times. He is terrified of Crocodiles as one once ate his hand after Peter Pan had cut it off in a fight.

10. Smee – (Male) – Smee is a friendly old pirate, a funny likeable man. He is Captain Hook’s first mate and spends a lot of his time calming Hook down or mothering him. He should have good comedy timing and be able to play to the audience also.

11. Gentleman Starkey (Male) – A very proper and pristine pirate he is also very camp. He is dressed immaculately and files his nails etc.

12. Cecco – (Male) – Is an Italian pirate who speaks only Italian. He is very Italian with body language, facial expressions etc.

13. Cookson – (Female) – Cookson is a traditional pirate rough, gruff and temperamental. She is manlier than any of the pirates but is a woman.

14. Sea Orchid (A Mermaid) (Female)(Singer)

15. Ocean Blossom (A Mermaid) (Female)(Singer) – They are Hippy Mermaids, they are female “Surfer dudes”- They are friendly chilled out characters. (Cameo parts)

16. Tinker-Bell – (Female) (Singer) – Tinker-Bell is a fairy, she is pretty, preferably blonde by hair colour and by nature. She is “like so totally a fairy, ya?” American, a bit ditzy, very sarcastic and very obsessed with her image and looks. She is also madly in love with Peter.

17. Big Chief Whatsittoya – (Male) – The head of the Whatsittoya tribe. A strong Indian worrier. Speaks with broken English. (Cameo part)

The Lost Boys – Age 11 – 16 (Male)

18. Tootles – Is the leader of the lost boys he is the eldest and speaks most for the boys, he is child like. He is brave and fun loving. As are all the boys.

18. Slightly – Is the shyest of the boys he is small, quite and agreeable. He also loves fun and adventure but is usually tagging behind the others and a bit weary of danger.

19. Curly – Is the biggest and strongest of the boys. He is also the stupidest and answers most questions by hitting someone. He is wild and fun loving.

20. Nibs – Is the cleverest of the boys, well he thinks he is, he has an answer for everything most times getting it wrong. He is stubborn and childlike.

21. Twin 1

22. Twin 2 – The Twins are modelled on Irelands most famous twins one is called John the other Edward and they are a copy of the famous pair.

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