Rapunzel and the League of Princesses – Character List

Rapunzel and The League of Princesses - Character List

1.Rapunzel (Singing) – A young naïve girl, who lives a very sheltered life and believes that Gothel is her mother but she is actually the famous missing Princess and Lance’s twin sister.  She quickly learns that she needs to stand up for herself to get anywhere. She is friendly, polite and mild mannered.

2.Cinderella (Singing) – Is the traditional rags to riches nice mannered girl of the original story, shy and scared but as the story develops she learns to be strong and stand up for what she believes in. Pleasant, friendly, girl, panicked and stressed by the situation she finds herself in. A little bit Legally Blonde.

3.Snow White (Singing)  – The stronger of the three princesses, she is after doing a legger from the huntsman who was hired by her stepmother to kill her and is out to start a new life of independence. She is strong willed, brave and straight talking. Turns out to be the love interest for Prince Lance

4.Prince Lance (Singing) – Rapunzel’s twin brother, who sets out to find his missing sister at the beginning of the show.  He is heroic, strong and likeable, with a good sense of humour.

5.Sam – (Royal Aide to Prince Lance) (Singing) – A loveable rogue. Loyal and likeable. Very funny and fast witted and wacky at times. Turns out to be the love interest for Rapunzel.

6.Prince Phil Charming (Singing) – A well-spoken hunk of a Prince. Posh and privileged but genuine. In pursuit of Cinderella who he has just met and fallen in love with at the ball. Handsome and dashing and he knows it. Aware of how important he is.

7.Dandini (Royal Aide) – Dandini is a stuffed shirt, official of the court, play by the rules, older man. Worrying, flusters easily, cowardly, fun character.

8.Gothel (Singing) – An evil witch – Funny and full of anger and character. Over the top, dramatic, quick to anger. Very evil, but in a funny way. She is bad to the core, a “Cruella De Vil” type character. (Could be played by male or female)

9.10. 11. Slugger, Scratchit & Sniff – Three goblin henchmen/women to Gothel. A comedy treble act. Creepy, disgusting, funny characters. Scratchit is slightly more intelligent than the others and is thus the leader, Slugger is strong and stupid and Sniff is just crazy. (Could be played by male or female)

12. Glimmer (The Panto Fairy) – A large colourful character, who is anything but elegant and narrates our story. Interacting with the audience mainly but also people on stage. A dame type character who can entertain the children and progress the story.  (Could be played by male or female)

13. King Harold –Traditional nice King, ruler of the kingdom and father to Prince Lance and his missing daughter Rapunzel. (Cameo Part)

14. Queen Grace – Traditional nice Queen, wife and mother.  (Cameo Part)

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