Robinson Crusoe – Character List

Robinson Crusoe - Character List

Robinson Crusoe – Characters
1. Robinson – (Male – Singing) Our hero, very nice, but dim, is quite childish and a bit of a comedy double act with his dimmer brother Rupert. Robinson is heroic and romantic when he has to be and grows into our hero as the show develops.

2. Rupert – (Robinson’s brother – Male) Our main comedy character, he is the slower and more outlandish of the brothers, he should be very childish and silly, great fun and a hit with the kids.

3. Dame Dolly – (Their Mother) (A dame – Male/female -Singing) An Irish Mother, she is big, brash, very loud and in your face.

4. Nurse Ninny – (Another dame – Male/female – Singing) Possibly an English dame to contrast with Dame Dolly. She is also big and loud, funny and overbearing.

5. Major Montgomery Mountgeorge – (Male – Singing) A very old English Major General, very dithery, well spoken, a name of standing and respect. Often wanders off on points and can’t remember things. Physicality important for this character as well as accent and comedy.

6. Polly – (His daughter – Female – Singing) Polly is the girl Robinson falls in love with. She is a nice, young lady, who is very kind and loving.

7. Blackbeard – (A pirate – Male) A baddie he is sneaky and cross, very nasty and also has to disguise himself and pretend to be good. He should be funny as well as bad as he is not the main scary baddie.

8. Reg – (Female) Blackbeard’s assistant, a cabin boy who is in fact a girl. A girl who pretends to be a boy to get the advertised cabin boy job. She is funny. She falls in love with Rupert, much to his confusion.

9. Neptune Lord of the Sea – (Male) Our main baddie, a very scary evil man who is out to ruin the story. He doesn’t have much interaction on stage other than with the Good Mermaid Oceania and mostly only talks to her and the audience. He should be very big and scary.

10. Oceania the good Mermaid – (Female) A very magical and powerful Mermaid who does all she can to help our hero and defeat Neptune. It’s your typical Good v Evil. She is very nice and friendly and talks to the audience a lot but also appears in some scenes with the others, but most of her dialogue will be with Neptune where she will have to have strength and power.

11. Girl Friday – (Male/Female) She is a very funny, in your face islander, she is the last of her tribe on the island and for some strange reason her tribe all spoke in Wexford accents. So she is basically a crazy, funny, Wexfordian islander.

12. Harry – (A Gorilla) – Non speaking part but great fun. A large lively gorilla, who is very friendly and best friends with Girl Friday. A very physical actor is required for this part.

13. Madison – (Female) – Cameo. A Mermaid. She is a New Yorker, girl about town, I phone / I pad addicted busy, stylish city girl. Think Sex in the City.

14. Miranda – (Female) – Cameo. Another Mermaid. Very similar to the one described above.

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